Skilled Traveling Nurses

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Flight Nurse

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When you have a medical condition, this does not mean that you have to give up your life’s passion of traveling. Perhaps you have relatives scattered around the globe, and you want to be able to visit them. Not all places have high-quality medical care available, and our traveling nurses can provide you with the daily services that you need in order to maintain your health. Our nurses offer injection and infusion services, pain and medication monitoring and administration, wound dressing, oxygen and nutritional management, changing of colostomy bags, management of insulin pumps and more.

Traveling with a nurse ensures that your medical needs will be met. If you have a chronic health condition that requires skilled care, our nurses provide an ideal solution so that you can travel with confidence. You will not have to worry about what to do if your symptoms flare or if you have an unexpected illness during your trip.

Our traveling registered nurses can also accompany you on a medical evacuation. Perhaps you experienced a sudden bout of a serious illness or you had an injury while traveling. We have nurses who can accompany you on a first-class commercial flight to a place where you can receive intensive treatment for your condition. The nurses monitor you and communicate with the flight crew and the medical providers at your destination.

Whether you are planning a vacation to an international destination or you experience an illness while abroad, our travel RN is ready to help you. From flying with you to get critical medical care to attending to your daily healthcare needs, our registered nurses offer quality and compassionate care. Give us at Flying Nurses International Medical Travel Services a call today.

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