Top 3 Travel Tips for Senior Travelers

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Flight Nurse

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Travel is one of the most exciting and engaging aspects of life. For seniors, though, it can also be one that falls by the wayside with age and increasing medical concerns. When it comes to retaining your mobility and freedom to see the world, it is important to remember some health and safety tips for those over 55 or who have special medical concerns. Here’s what you need to know about traveling safely in your senior years:

Make Accommodations Ahead of Time

While there is something romantic and thrilling about traveling spontaneously, it’s never a good idea if you have special medical concerns. Seniors should always try to book their accommodations well in advance, from easily-accessible hotel rooms to safe seating on trains, planes, or buses. Book early to ensure you get what you need, even if it means paying a little more for it.

Pack Properly

When you’re planning a vacation, packing can be one of the most stressful parts. Making sure you have everything you might need during your trip is a process that people often try to simplify by “packing light” or purchasing pre-made travel kits.

For seniors, though, it’s important to make sure your medical supplies, communication tools such as phones and chargers, and anything you use daily for health, safety, and comfort are along for the ride. Don’t trust your packing to a pre-made kit; ask a loved one to help you pack if necessary, to make sure your bags are tailored to you.

Don’t Go It Alone

Perhaps the most important tip on this entire list is this: do not travel alone as a senior. Whether you need physical assistance with the strain and stress of traveling or someone to assist you with meeting medical needs, it’s important to always hit the road with travel companions for seniors.

If you don’t have an experienced friend or family member to take along for the ride – or if you need extra help – consider hiring someone from a professional medical escort service. You’ll be able to relax and focus on enjoying your travels – without sacrificing your safety.

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