A Short Guide About R.N. Medical Escort Services for Air Travel

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Flight Nurse

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A travel RN can assist you or a loved one if you need to travel by air for medical treatments. The travel registered is a skilled clinician who has the training, clinical skills, and expertise to handle just about any medical crisis that may occur while in the aircraft. Here is a short guide pertaining to R.N. medical escort services.


In addition to graduating from an accredited school of nursing and passing the state boards for licensure, the registered nurses who work as medical escorts are trained to assist patients with multiple and complex medical conditions. They have acute assessment skills and their clinical skills are sharp. The registered nurses are also certified in critical care, flight medical transport, and advance cardiac life support. In addition, the flight nurses also provide basic care to their patients such as grooming, feeding, and washing them.

Non-Medical Services

Not only will the travel RN provide exceptional nursing care to the patient, but he or she can also assist the patient and his or her family with non-medical assistance services. These include ordering wheelchairs, medical supplies, and oxygen. You can also request a registered nurse who speaks a different language and before each flight, the nurse will obtain a detailed medical report so that he or she is well-informed and prepared to provide excellent patient care.

The nurse will need to know if the patient is allergic to any foods or medications, if he or she is on a fluid-restricted diet because of congestive heart failure, or if the patient has a history of motion sickness during air travel.

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