Helpful Techniques Used by a Chiropractor in Meridian, ID

by | Jul 30, 2019 | My Md Blog

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A Chiropractor in Meridian, ID has the goal of normalizing the body’s functions, so it can heal itself. This is accomplished by bringing the musculoskeletal system back into balance and proper alignment. Chiropractors use hands-on manipulation and other techniques to achieve this for clients, which can have a relatively quick positive effect on back pain.

Potential Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Several studies have shown that chiropractic care is useful for relieving neck pain, lower back pain, and discomfort in the back from pinched nerves in the spine. The manual therapy on the neck and back may be helpful for other disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica, that cause pain in a leg due to a pinched vertebral nerve. Some patients have reported preferring chiropractic care to physical therapy when they have tried both for the same condition.

Herniated discs form between the vertebrae can lead to pinched nerves and disabling pain. The spinal manipulation of a Chiropractor in Meridian, ID helps the disc ease back into place. That soft, pliant disc stops the bones on top and below from rubbing against the nerves. Ruptured discs can be a chronic problem, so some patients choose to see a chiropractor every few weeks or whenever back pain starts to flare up.

Strategies Preferred by Chiropractors

Spinal adjustments that have positive effects on the musculoskeletal system are the chiropractic doctor’s main strategy. Additional therapies may be provided. Traction, for example, gently pulls the vertebral further apart so ruptured discs can return to the proper position. Chiropractors may also apply ultrasound therapy for deep heat application and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is commonly called TENS.

All-Around Better Well-Being

Some patients find that they experience all-around better physical well-being after regular chiropractic care at a clinic such as The Wellness Center of Boise. Because chiropractic care is a holistic methodology that promotes natural healing and has positive effects on the nervous system, this may explain why patients start feeling better. Their immune system may become more balanced, resulting in a significant decrease in allergy symptoms and viral infections like the common cold.

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