Enjoying Activities As A Senior While Having A Travel Companion Available

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Flight Nurse

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Sometimes, senior citizens enjoy traveling to other states or even other countries. However, they might not always be able to handle all of the details pertaining to traveling on their own. Nurses who work as travel companions for seniors are beneficial in numerous ways so that the person can continue to enjoy life.

Daily Tasks

While traveling with seniors, nurses can assist with some of the daily tasks that the person might not be able to fully perform. These tasks include bathing in hotel rooms, assisting with getting dressed, and making sure the person eats properly. The nurse can also monitor medications that are taken as well as medical conditions that the person might have, seeking care if there are any concerns.


Whether traveling to another state or out of the country, there are documents and details that need to be completed. A benefit of having travel companions for seniors is that the person can book hotel rooms and flights while also ensuring that there is transportation available in the city the person visits. This is beneficial as the senior might not always remember to find a hotel room even though all of the flight details were arranged.


When there is a companion traveling with someone who is older, then the senior might be able to relax a bit and enjoy the trip instead of worrying about their home or other details that could arise if the person traveled alone. The companion can suggest activities while on the trip that are age-appropriate and that keep the senior mentally and physically active. Another benefit is that the companion can assist the senior in getting on and off vehicles while going to various activities and can also assist in making sure the person has the proper supplies needed to enjoy activities.

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