Physical Therapy Strategies for Relieving Low Back Pain in Greeley CO

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Massage therapist

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Lower back pain is one of the more common physical ailments, affecting millions of U.S. residents at one time or another. Some individuals suffer from chronic low back pain and try different strategies for relief. They might change their diet, lose weight and see a chiropractor. Another effective method is to begin a physical rehab program designed by a physical therapist. Physical therapy in Greeley CO can be very helpful for reducing the frequency of back pain, and for teaching patients how to reduce the severity when the problem does flare up.

Research has not found consistency in dietary changes for relieving back pain. Some patients do better on a vegetarian diet, for instance, while others respond more favorably to a high-protein menu. The therapist may recommend drinking more water and taking nutritional supplements. Patients also may respond better to certain types of exercises in dealing with lower back pain. Customizing a program to heal low back pain is the focus of the physical therapist, who meets with the patient regularly to evaluate the progress and make changes as advisable. During appointments at the clinic, the patient is likely to work with both the therapist and physical therapist assistants who help clients with exercises, stretching and other activity. The therapist also may implement a healing plan that includes electronic nerve stimulation and deep-heat ultrasound therapy.

Exercises in a physical therapy program at a facility such as Accelerated Rehab Therapy help clients increase flexibility and strength, and also are intended to boost healing. The activity may stimulate additional blood circulation in the lower back, which brings healing oxygen and nutrients to the spinal cord, muscles and other soft tissues, and the nerves throughout the area. The therapist is likely to ask about the patient’s work situation and activities during leisure time. A more ergonomically favorable workstation may be beneficial, and even a change in sleeping posture can help. The person may need to avoid certain physical activities that aggravate back pain, at least for a while. Raking leaves or climbing ladders may be problematic at the moment.

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