Pregnancy Massage to Relieve the Stress of Expecting

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Massage therapist

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Being pregnant is a stressful experience in itself. While you’re trying your best to prepare for the arrival of your little one, the physical effects can be an entirely different story. With so much to do, it’s imperative that you keep yourself calm and healthy at all times. One great way to accomplish this is to schedule regular appointments for pregnancy massage. Burnaby based day spas are now offering this specialized service and it can be the ideal way to keep both your body and mind in tip-top shape throughout your pregnancy.

Specially Designed
A pregnancy massage is not your standard deep tissue or Swedish massage. This unique treatment was designed especially for expectant mothers to cater to their individual needs. Pregnant women can experience pain and swelling in areas that most people would not, and treatments will focus on not only soothing these physical symptoms, but also relaxing the mind as well. Blood and lymph circulation will be increased, as well, which can often warrant a more energized, focused mindset.

Custom Options Available
When you call your local day spa to schedule a pregnancy massage in Burnaby, ask if they offer customized options. When you request a custom massage, the therapist will often ask if you have any special concerns or problem areas you would like them to focus on. From there, the therapist can build a customized treatment that was designed to cater to your requests. This is especially useful if you suffer from increased pain or swelling in certain areas or if you are sensitive to pressure.

Did You Know?
Some people believe that getting a massage while pregnant doesn’t just benefit mom, but also baby as well! A light massage on the abdomen can be incredibly soothing for the recipient, but many women also believe that it assists in calming the baby and even soothing he/she off to sleep! Regardless if you’re interested in the mental, physical or baby benefits of this service, it’s certainly something that every expectant mother may want to consider sometime during those nine months! After all, there may be plenty of sleepless nights ahead – indulge while you can!

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