Why Insufflators Are Crucial to Use During Surgery in the United States

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Endoscopy Equipment

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There are some very important tools that have made their way into the world of surgery. While many of these are high-tech originals, others are innovations based on old standards. One of these tools is a Stryker insufflator. There are many reasons why these are considered to be so crucial during the surgical process.

Create Space

During surgery where laparoscopic techniques are used, an insufflator is inserted into the tiny incisions that are made into the body of the patient. The insufflators are used to create a space within the incision where the organs can be moved around and manipulated so that the surgeon can actually work. Soft tissues and medical tools are also able to be moved around under these circumstances as well.

Stabilize Pressure

There are times during surgery when the pressure within the patient’s body cavity will inexplicably change. When you use a high-end insufflator, the pressure monitors on the device will alert you to the situation and work to get the proper pressure back to where it should be.

Carbon Dioxide

One of the most important aspects of using a Stryker insufflator is the ability to emit warmed carbon dioxide gas into the patient during surgery. This gas acts to soothe any pain that the patient may have after the event. It has also been clinically shown to help in the recovery process.

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