When to Head to the Pediatric Urgent Care in San Diego for a Baby’s Cold

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Health

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One of the things you quickly learn as a parent is babies, toddlers and even older kids are going to get colds. They usually get colds anywhere from six to 12 times a year and normally love, fluids and over-the-counter meds can get them through it. However, there are times when it’s best to head to the pediatric urgent care in San Diego for that little cold. If you are unsure how to tell if your baby’s cold needs to be treated, read on for a few of the top signs.

Extremely Sleepy

While anyone with a cold is going to be a little irritable and sleep a lot, if your baby seems to sleeping for abnormally long periods of time more often than usual, it may be time to head to the pediatric urgent care in San Diego area to have the baby looked at. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, when it comes to the little ones.

A Bad Cough

Coughing is the way your baby clears the mucous from their lungs when they have a cold. However, a really bad cough could be the sign of something more serious. If your child is vomiting with the cough or isn’t feeling better within 72 hours, urgent care is a good idea. Also, if you have signs of whooping cough in the town you live in, having the baby seen right away is crucial to a faster recovery.

Trouble Breathing

If your baby is making raspy noises or seems to be having a difficult time breathing, it’s extremely important to get him to a doctor right away.

For more information on reputable pediatric urgent care in San Diego, visit the website of the Children’s Physicians Medical Group for help.

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