Things to Check Before Calling for a Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Healthcare

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Stair lifts are of great help in preserving the independence of individuals with limited mobility. However, when the lift doesn’t work as intended, it can be very frustrating. Before you call McArdle Surgical for Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA, there are certain things that should be checked. By taking these steps, owners find they can resolve several issues without the need for a service call.

Is the Unit Getting Power?

The first thing to check is the power to the unit. Try plugging another item into the outlet to determine if it operates. If it does not, the outlet is bad or the breaker has been tripped. When the outlet is connected to a wall switch, ensure the switch always remains on and use a surge protector at all times. Once it has been determined power is running to the outlet and the power supply remains plugged in, see if the key switch is in the on position. This is the only way the stair lift will work.

Is the Key On?

Some service calls involve nothing more than turning the key on, yet many people don’t know to check this before making the call for a technician. Locate the key switch on the top landing side, the lower front cover, or the chair armrest. Once the switch has been located, look at the key. If it appears to be in the on position, turn it off and on again. It may be nothing more than the key appears to be in the on position but actually isn’t. Even a slight deviation may be enough for the lift to not work.

Has the Battery Disconnect Switch Been Activated?

The lift has a main battery disconnect switch that is completely separate from the key switch. Individuals need to know where this switch is to make sure this is not the cause of the issue. Find this switch, which varies based on the lift manufacturer, and check it.

If the following troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, call for Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA. More involved issues require the knowledge and skills of an experienced technician. The company is happy to help you get the stair lift running once again so you get the full benefit of this device. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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