An Eye-Ear Test in Orlando Can Help Diagnosis Dizziness and Balance Issues

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Health

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If you suffer from balance issues or dizziness, your doctor might order a Videonystagmography (VNG), which is a series of tests that help determine what is causing the problems. A neurologist is one of the medical professionals that can perform this procedure.

The dizziness or loss of balance might be a symptom of vestibular disease. This disorder causes vertigo, which makes you stagger, and the dizziness leaves most people lightheaded and feeling faint.

VNG Ocular Testing

Part of getting a VNG in Orlando involves tracking eye movement. To begin, the technician or doctor will fit you with special goggles that will record the eyeball movement. You will see spots moving, and your goal is to try and follow them the best you can.

The physician will physically move your head and watch for your eye’s reaction. Next, cool drops of water or puffs of air will be inserted into one ear. The doctor will monitor your eyes and note how they react. When a cold solution enters the ear canal, the eyeball should naturally move away from it. If it does not, it could be a sign of nerve damage inside of the ear.

Side Effects

The side effects of a VNG test are often more dizziness and lightheadedness, which can lead to more balance issues. Because there is no telling how you will react, you will need someone to take you home after the exam.


The results can diagnose nerve damage, Meniere’s disorder, or other conditions. The clinic might need to order more tests. For more information on getting a VNG in Orlando and how the process might be able to help you, contact MD Diagnostic Specialists at .

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