How to Stop Your Loved One with Dementia from Wandering in Sebastian, FL

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Assisted Living

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Dementia causes disorientation, which leads to the person wandering. If your elderly parent has dementia and is wandering, then you want to curb this behavior. Some adult children make changes around the home, like take car keys and keep doors locked. There is also Alzheimer’s residence in Sebastian, FL, for seniors. Read on to find out how to stop your loved one with dementia from wandering.

Camouflage Your Doors

Hiding your doors is one of the ways to stop this behavior. You can cover doors with wallpaper that matches the surrounding wall. Another option is to put removable curtains over the door or put up signs that say “Do not enter.”

Provide Supervision

A person with dementia will need continuous supervision. They will always need someone at home and should not be left at the residence alone. If you take the person to a new environment, then you should not leave them alone in the car.

Install Alarms

There are a lot of devices on the market that alerts you when someone moves. You can also put warning bells on doors or pressure-sensitive alarm mats at the door. Some alarm systems even chimes every time the door opens.

This behavior is somewhat preventable by focusing on the dementia patients’ cognitive, emotional, and physical needs. However, this approach is not adequate for some patients with dementia. When your loved one’s safety becomes at risk, then placement in an Alzheimer’s residence in Sebastian, FL, may be the only solution.

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