4 Things to Know Before Going to an Accident Doctor

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Health

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Going to an injury specialist after you’ve been in a car accident is smart. You could have internal injuries. If you’re still in shock, you might not even feel the pain yet. That’s why it’s best to make an appointment for a series of diagnostic tests. Here’s more of what you need to know.

Symptoms of TBI

You might be suffering from TBI or traumatic brain injury. If so, you might experience several symptoms, like dizziness, nausea or vomiting, poor coordination, lack of focus and inability to stay awake. You might also get disoriented or confused real fast. If you can still drive yourself to an injury facility, do so, or have yourself taken there.

Get Medical Help

Look for an injury facility with experienced accident doctors in Maitland. Check their credentials. Are they board-certified? How much experience do they have? How many years has the clinic been around? What kind of medical services do they usually offer? Asking these questions will help you determine which facility is a good choice for you. Also, if you can still get help, that doesn’t mean you’re all right. Don’t hesitate to get to a clinic or medical service provider.

Be Honest with the Doctor

When you get there, don’t try to downplay your injuries or what you feel. Be honest about the symptoms. If you feel nauseous after the accident, that could be a sign of a brain injury. Lying about it will only compromise your doctor’s diagnosis and slow things down. You need to receive the correct treatment right away, so don’t hide anything from the doctor.

Ask Questions

It’s scary to think that you might be hurt even more than you realize. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, though. That will help you get a better handle on your situation and what will happen, moving forward.

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