What You Should Know About Transgender Reassignment Surgery

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Transgender Surgeons

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When individuals are uncomfortable in their bodies because they don’t identify with their birth-assigned gender, the results can be devastating when left unaddressed. Most individuals begin hormone treatments and therapy, but some take things further with transgender reassignment surgery. If you’re considering this step, you should know a few things.

Why Get Surgery?

Transgender reassignment surgery transforms an individual’s physical body to match their preferred gender instead of their birth-assigned gender. Individuals experience gender dysphoria, feeling disconnected from their bodies and ashamed of their appearance. Reaffirmation surgery ensures individuals feel confident in their appearance.

What Surgeries Are Available?

You’ll find many types of transgender reassignment surgery based on your preferences and needs. Top surgery changes the chest’s appearance, using breast implants for transgender females and flattening the chest of transgender males. Bottom surgery transforms the genitals to match the individual’s preferred gender. Finally, many individuals choose various surgical procedures to change their face for a more masculine or feminine appearance.

Are Other Treatments Used?

Transgender reassignment surgery isn’t the only way individuals can address gender dysphoria. Many people see a transgender therapist who can help them work through their feelings and improve their quality of life. Hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and vocal therapy are other standard treatments.

If you’re considering transgender reassignment surgery, visit The International Center for Transgender Care to schedule a consultation.

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