Why Your U.S. Team Needs This Easy & Practical Cath Lab Safety Checklist

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Medical Equipment Supplier

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Heart cath eterizations are routinely conducted Cath labs safety checklist, like any surgical or medical procedure, certain procedures and policies must be followed and documented. Read on to learn why your cardiac Cath lab needs this user developed Cath Lab Procedural checklist.

This Cath Lab Safety Checklist Helps Staff Lower Error Rates

These checklists were developed by actual healthcare professionals for other healthcare professionals to use. The goal is to improve patient outcomes by reducing error rates. The checklists can be customized to ensure that your facility’s unique policy procedure steps are followed to a T during any of these cases.

What Types of Items Should Be on a Cath Lab Checklist for Safety?

These checklists have sequentially numbered steps for staff members to follow. Typically these checklists will also include a staff listing, patient name and patient medical record, name of the procedure, routes that are taken, such as right femoral artery, and an equipment availability check off that can include machines, kits, and stents. The patient’s allergies are listed and any pertinent medical diagnosis or condition that may impact this procedure. Some lab information, like any abnormal labs, is listed on this checklist as well so every member of the team is aware.

Reasons Why This Checklist Can Improve Patient Safety

Surgical teams and other healthcare providers involved in heart cath eterizations can use this checklist to improve overall patient care and safety. Contact Checklist Boards.

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