Why More Seniors Are Installing Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Health

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Thanks to modern medicine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania senior citizens are now more mobile and independent than ever before in history. In fact, they often remain in the same homes for life. However, even the healthiest can have balance, strength or mobility challenges that make stair climbing hazardous. Fortunately, companies like McArdle Surgical often solve these problems by providing and installing Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA homes. The lifts offer convenience, safety, and comfort.

The Principle Behind the Stair Lift Chair

Stair lifts are specially-designed home mobility devices that make it safe for individuals to travel up or down stairs. Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA are attached to metal tracks. Most allow users to simply sit down and be carried up or down, but a few models have an option that lets them stand. Although manufacturers make it easy to install the devices on any straight staircase, the majority are added by professionals, who ensure that they are secure.

Stair Lifts Increase Comfort and Security

Many senior citizens or their adult children have stair lifts installed to prevent falls down stairs. It is a worry because there are many conditions that can cause balance problems in the elderly. Seniors can also develop arthritis that limits movement. They may also suffer from diminished strength. These are just some of the conditions that can turn simple things like walking up or down stairs into challenges. Chair lifts allow anyone to simply sit down and then use a control to glide up and down stairways effortlessly. In fact, many customers without impairments have lifts installed simply because they are comfortable and convenient. There is no need to trudge up a long flight of stairs after a long, busy day.

Lifts Help Seniors Stay Independent

Seniors often add stair lifts in order to increase their independence. Even strong, healthy seniors may have problems carrying things like laundry, groceries or even books up the stairs. Lifts allow them to safely and conveniently get on with their daily lives without help.

Senior citizens often install chair lifts which allow them to safely travel up and down stairways. Lifts are ideal for those with limited mobility or poor balance. They can also provide a comfortable and convenient way for perfectly healthy seniors to deal with stairs.

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