Guinea Pigs Need Regular Vet Services in Nesbit Ferry Alpharetta GA

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Veterinarians

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It is a common misconception that when a guinea pig gets sick, a vet will not be able to help. There have been great advances in guinea pig health in the last 20 years that anyone who keeps guinea pigs should be aware of. Taking the guinea pig for Vet Services in Nesbit Ferry Alpharetta GA and elsewhere will help keep the pets healthy and happy.

Annual Check-ups

Just like dogs and cats, guinea pigs should be checked by a veterinarian annually. Strange lumps and bumps can be checked out, condition of eyes and breathing and any other problems should be addressed. In particular, the teeth should be checked to see that they are wearing down evenly. Guinea pigs with overgrown teeth cannot properly eat. Claws may need to be clipped if the owner cannot do it for some reason.

Spaying and Neutering

Female guinea pigs can be spayed and make guinea pigs can be neutered just like in dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering not only eliminates the possibility of cancers or tumors developing in the reproductive organs but also help cut down on unexpected babies. Guinea pigs are more prone to stress and illness if kept alone. Having a cage mate helps keep them happy. Males tend not to get along with other males but do get along with females.

In Case of Emergencies

Guinea pigs are prey animals, meaning that they evolved to keep away from anything trying to eat them. Unfortunately, this means that guinea pigs hide their symptoms until they are very sick indeed. Guinea pigs need to be taken for Vet Services in Nesbit Ferry Alpharetta GA and elsewhere at the first sign of illness, such as failing to defecate, refusing food or huddling in a corner as if depressed.

In Summary

There are many ways a good vet can work with a caring guinea pig owner to make sure their furry friends live full and healthy lives. Most vets do not just work with dogs, cats or livestock. Small animals like guinea pigs are welcome. If living in the Nesbit Ferry Alphabetic, GA area, check out to schedule an appointment today.

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