The Value of Physician Assisted Weight Loss Plans at the Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Health

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A Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY uses scientifically proven strategies to lose body fat. Also known as a countdown diet plan, medical weight loss strategies help users metabolize fat that is hard to burn off through normal diet and exercise. What makes it so much easier is prescription HCG and B-12 injections. HCG is a natural hormone that is produced at certain levels in women and men. The benefit this hormone conveys is its ability to metabolize fat to be burned at an accelerated rate. At this type of clinic, patients consume a diet high in lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. The body can metabolize fats better when sugary carbohydrates are absent from the diet, so it’s imperative sugar-based foods are excluded from the diet.

B-12 is a super vitamin that supports the healthy growth of nerve cells, blood cells, and proteins. It also assists in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates. The medical weight loss plan has not one, but two, supplemental elements that put & the body in a rapid fat-burning mode. B-12 is in many foods, but the body may not absorb all the nutrients to receive the full benefit. B-12 also boosts energy and makes exercise more enjoyable. The physicians at a Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY may also give some patients appetite suppressants to fight the urge to deviate from the plan. To monitor progress, continuous weight loss consultations are given throughout the process.

Clinical lab testing evaluates the health of a patient looking to improve or sustain quality health. Lab tests show how healthy a person is, where health needs to improve, and reveals health issues an individual has an elevated risk for. A medical weight loss center takes it a step further though. The physicians educate patients about lab testing and help them understand their results. They clarify the results of their tests and explain what they mean to the patient. When patients have a full understanding of their health and what can be done to improve it, they’ll feel encouraged to make changes. Please browse the website for more details about health maintenance with InShapeMD.

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