What is the Importance of Having Metal Coatings on Your Equipment?

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Medical Supply Store

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If you own an industry that uses equipment, you have probably experienced buying equipment and then having to replace it long before you think should be necessary. Are you tired or replacing your equipment that is easily worn out? Have you heard of metal coatings? You may want to try to consider them.

What is it?

Metal coatings are coatings that are attached to equipment through several different methods that makes equipment stronger, more corrosion resistant, and more durable. These coatings are usually made of nickel, copper, cadmium, silver and more.


There are different types of metallic coatings, and their application is dependent on the environment and the nature of the use of the equipment.

First, zinc is the most popular type that is used. It is done by dipping the metal in hot melted zinc. Zinc is a very good coating since it gives the metal protection through galvanic action and covers the edges and whole of the equipment well. Second, is aluminum coatings. It has two kinds—one is the aluminum silicon, and the other one is that the metal is dipped in pure aluminum. It is best used for protection against corrosion and heat. Usually, it is applied to cars, shields, panels, and ovens. It is also very useful in HVAC system, roofs, and more.

There is also other types of surface treatments such as physical vapor deposition, anodization, and ion implantation.
Know More

N2 Biomedical is a company that specializes in improving equipment with metal coatings. They use hi-tech methods to enhance equipment from many industries, including aerospace, medical and industrial. Currently they process over 500,000 pieces of medical equipment every year. You can contact them at 781-275-6001 or send them an email about your concerns or queries and learn how coatings can save you money on your equipment.

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