Using A Veterinarian Sugar Land To Have A Cat Spayed Or Neutered

by | Jun 9, 2016 | My Md Blog

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When someone acquires a new cat, they will most likely want to have it spayed or neutered. Unless they plan on breeding cats, having their pet altered is best for its health and the owner’s peace of mind. There would be no risk of kittens being born and in the case of a female cat, the risk of certain cancers are decreased. Having a Veterinarian Sugar Land perform the procedure would be the best way to keep the cat healthy throughout and after their surgery.

The veterinarian’s office will prove the pet’s owner with a list of instructions to adhere to in the day before surgery. Usually the pet will not be permitted to eat or drink several hours before their procedure. This is so they do not aspirate while on the operating table. They will have a general anesthesia given, so they will not feel any pain during the process.

After the veterinarian removes the pets reproductive organs, the cat will be stitched or stapled. They will have to stay at the facility for observation after their surgery for several hours before being released back to the owner. When the cat seems to be faring well, the owner can bring them home to recuperate. Click here for more details.

The cat will need to be kept in a quite place away from other pets and people if possible. This will allow them to rest as they will be a bit sore after the procedure. They may try to bite at stitches or staples, but in most cases this will not be a problem. If they tend to irritate the area in excess, a plastic cone apparatus may be recommended to put around their neck so they do not continue this practice. The cat will bounce back from the surgery quickly, and will no longer spray urine in the home or try to get outside to find a mate as a result.

If someone wishes to find a Veterinarian in Sugar Land to help with spaying or neutering a cat, they can call professionals in the area. One reliable facility to consider is Greatwood Veterinary Hospital.

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