Undergoing Medical Tests with Confidence and Understanding

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Imaging Centers

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Doctors use an array of medical tests to assess the health of patients today. Along with ordering blood work and x-rays, physicians also may require patients to undergo tests like an MRI or CAT scan to determine what is going on inside of their bodies.

In fact, diagnostic imaging is used to potentially fatal damages like internal bleeding in or around major organs like the heart, spleen, and liver. When you have been asked to undergo one of these scans, you can head into your Orlando diagnostic imaging appointment with confidence by learning how these tests are typically performed.

An Orlando diagnostic imaging or Open MRi center for Claustrophobics patients may specialize in performing scans like MRIs and CAT scans to help doctors diagnose and treat patients better. Before you undergo one of these scans, you may be asked to remove all of your clothing except your underwear. This may be necessary to prevent complications that metal on clothing can pose to scanning machines.

You also may need to drink either water or another type of liquid to ensure the visibility of organs like your bladder or urethra in the scan. If these organs are empty, they may not show up as well during a scan. Drinking liquid will guarantee that the scanning device can get a clear picture of them.

If your heart and lungs are being examined, you may have an IV put in your arm and then a type of dye injected into it. The dye will travel through the veins and arteries in your organs. It will help doctors determine if you have blood clots or other problems that could lead to complications like a stroke or possibly even death.

Most scans only take a matter of minutes to perform. After you are finished, you may be sent home to recuperate.

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