Tips for Choosing and Using Autism Toys For Children

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Health

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When you are considering different autism toys, it is important that you choose the right ones. Autistic children have certain needs, and the toys should promote trait development and be enjoyable. You also want the toys to help institute coping mechanisms. Having the right information and getting advice from pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC, can help to make the shopping process a bit easier.

Stimulate the Senses

When you are choosing autism toys, you want to look for those that have sensory challenges. You especially want to seek out toys that allow tactile defensiveness. These will introduce this in a way that is not threatening to your child. You want to avoid toys that need to be carried, worn or eaten. Make it easy so that your child has the chance to explore the toy the way that is most comfortable for them. You might have noticed that autistic children often use toys in unconventional ways, but this seems to provide fun and be challenging for them.

Social Interaction Development

One major issue seen in autistic children is difficulty with social interaction. When you are choosing toys, pick out a few that promote social interaction. For example, an easy board game that does not have a lot of rules is a good choice. You do not want to bombard your child, so try playing with just the two of you until your child gets comfortable and then add another close family to the game.

Motor Skill Help

All children need help in developing motor skills, but autistic children may require it even more. You want to start simple with items, such as finger paints or crayons and a coloring book. These are non-threatening, and your child can easily learn to use them. These are choices that also allow your child to be creative and play a solo during times when social interaction is not a good idea.

Keep It Simple and Interesting

Autistic children can have difficulty with complex toys and games. Items should be simple and allow for your child to think outside the box. For example, if your child has blocks, he or she may not want to just stack them. They may prefer to combine them with another toy or use them in an artwork.

Consider this information and advice from pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC to help ensure that you pick the best toys for your child. This ensures that they have items that promote fun and development.

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