Can Dentists in Waimea Perform Routine Whitening Sessions?

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Dental Health

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Regardless of the whitening technique used, a person who wants to whiten their teeth, even with over-the-counter whitening products, should consult Dentists Waimea beforehand. Dental professionals will help their patients maximize his or her results. Understanding the entire process could help each person understand when whitening is needed.

The process

Dentists Waimea should do several things before a whitening treatment can be done. For instance, they should do an oral exam followed by a cleaning and descaling. Indeed, a tooth devoid of plaque and tartar will be able to better absorb the bleaching agent.

The dentist should next check the present color of the patient’s teeth and tell him or her if whitening will improve their dental color or not. If a whitening treatment is needed, the dentist should discuss any contraindications. After this, Dentists Waimea will determine the current color of the person’s teeth.

Without do this, it will be difficult to evaluate if the whitening process will be advantageous or not. It should be noted that patients should ask to see intra-oral pictures before and after.

Immaculate white teeth are not a reality

No whitening technique will brighten the color of teeth beyond their natural color. The enamel of some people’s teeth is naturally more yellowish than that of other people. People must, therefore, have realistic expectations when it comes to tooth whitening. An oral health professional can help an individual determine what these expectations should be.

What to expect?

An improvement of two to three shades may represent a visible difference in a smile that has lost its luster over time. Dental bleach normally brings about a change of two to eight shades. Yellowed teeth typically respond to whitening treatments more favorably than greyish teeth will.

Products used will not work with artificial crowns, composite white fillings, and partial or complete dentures. It is possible to restore a whiter color to teeth that have blackened as a result of root canal treatments. This type of bleaching is called “non-vital” because blackened teeth are considered to be devitalized (non-living).

Traditional bleaching products will have no effect. The results of a tooth whitening last no longer than 24 months and ultimately depend on the person’s oral hygiene regimen. Visit Business Name. for more details.

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