Signs it’s Time to Look Into Home Nursing Care in Sarasota, FL for Aging Parents

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Healthcare

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Adult children of aging parents often have a hard time admitting to themselves that their parents need help around the home. While there’s a little leeway when it comes to deciding when it’s time to hire a companion caregiver or a home care aide, home nursing care in Sarasota FLcannot be put off. Read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to consider hiring a nurse for in-home care for an aging parent.

Health Concerns

It is difficult enough for aging Americans to take care of themselves in their own homes if they are healthy. Those who are recovering from surgeries, serious illnesses, or injuries often have a very difficult time if they are left completely alone. Adult children whose elderly parents have recently been released from the hospital should look into Home Nursing Care in Sarasota FL to ensure the parents are able to make full recoveries.

Increasing Forgetfulness

Lapses in memory can interfere with daily life and activities, including dealing with chronic health conditions and remembering to take medications on time. While a caregiver can offer medication reminders, only a home nurse can provide medical care such as changing bandages, administering IVs, and managing medications.

Caregiver Burnout

Adult children who live with their parents often feel responsible for their health and well-being. While it’s wonderful to provide care for a loved one in need, it makes little sense for caregivers to work so hard that they burn out or to administer medical care without proper qualifications. Those who wish to continue providing care giving services for their parents can always hire a home nurse to help with specialized medical procedures in the home and continue providing other, less-specialized forms of care themselves.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help around the home. While aging Americans and their loved ones are sometimes hesitant to hire companion caregivers and trained home nurses, the provision of these services often allows aging family members to spend their golden years at home instead of in assisted living. Contact Family First Homecare to learn more about available services and to find a home care and nursing agency that can help.

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