How Often Should You Give Pet Teeth Cleaning Products to Your Dog or Cat?

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Health

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If you’re like most pet parents, you probably worry about your furry friend’s oral hygiene. After all, keeping those pearly whites in tip-top shape is important for overall health! While brushing your pet’s teeth every day is the best way to maintain good oral health, not everyone has the time (or patience) to do this. So, how often should you give your pet teeth cleaning products, like toothpaste, treats, or water additives?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including your pet’s age, diet, and oral health. For example, puppies and kittens have rapidly growing teeth and are more susceptible to dental problems than adult dogs and cats. As such, they may need to use teeth cleaning products more often. On the other hand, if your pet has good oral health and you brush their teeth regularly, you may not need to give them as many dental products.

Diet also plays a role in how often you should give teeth cleaning products to your pet. If your pet eats a lot of crunchy, dry food, they may not need as much help keeping their teeth clean. However, if they eat a lot of wet food or have a softer diet, they may need to use dental products more often. This is because wet food can cause plaque to build up on teeth more quickly, and soft diets can contribute to tooth decay.

Ultimately, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian about how often to give your pet teeth cleaning products. They can assess your pet’s individual needs and make recommendations accordingly.

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