Finding a New Family Practice Physician in Andover, Kansas

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Health

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The family doctor is retiring, and no one is taking over the practice. That means the time has come to find a new Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas. Here are some tips that will help the patient find a medical professional who can provide care for the entire family in the years to come.

Start With the Insurance Company

Since the family is covered under a group health insurance plan, why not start the search for a new Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas, with the provider? There is a good chance that the insurance company operates a web site that includes the ability to find out which local medical professionals accept the coverage. Since those physicians would be considered part of the provider’s network, the number of benefits paid for covered events would be higher.

Find Out Who is Accepting New Patients

The fact that a family physician accepts the insurance is only the start of the qualification process. Contact each physician who seems to be a good fit and find out who is currently accepting new patients. Any practices that are not taking on additional patients presently can be removed from the list of candidates.

Find Out More About the Rest

With a shorter list of physicians to consider, spend some time researching each one. Ask neighbors, coworkers, and others if they have any first-hand experiences with any of those doctors. Remember, there are plenty of sites online that allow consumers to leave comments about medical professionals. Spend some time going over those comments and use them to identify the top three candidates.

Schedule an Appointment

Call the practice at the top of the list and schedule an appointment. Make a note of how the scheduling process went, including the demeanor of the individual who sets up the appointment. While at the office, observe how the staff interacts with the patients. If the culture in the office is professional, friendly, and there is a definite interest in taking care of the patients, the search for a new family physician is over.

For anyone who needs a family doctor, Contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC and schedule an appointment today. After the first visit, the patient will always know where to turn when a medical issue arises.

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