Effective and Non-Surgical Treatments for Eye Bags Available in Chicago

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Eyelid & Facelift Surgeon

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Advanced treatments can improve the look of the surrounding tissue around the eyes. A plasma pen specifically for eye bags is a non-surgical approach. Compared to surgical treatments, using a plasma pen for under-eye bags is inexpensive.

Eye Bags

Aging can cause discolored and heavy bags underneath the eyes. The delicate skin around this area may eventually show the effects of sun exposure, smoking, and even genetics. Plastic surgeons can help improve this area, and the plasma pen alternative is an effective and non-invasive option.

Plasma Pen

A plasma pen for under-eye bags can be the simple solution to firm and tighten the subtle signs of aging. The surgeon will numb the skin with a topical solution. This application is just for comfort. After the area is numbed, the physician will apply the pen-like device to the bags. Heat will slightly alter the skin, and it is this minor irritation that invokes repair. The doctor will position the pen in several strategic areas around the eye socket.


There is some recovery time after the procedure, but it is nowhere near as long as plastic surgery. The skin can be slightly puffy, and you may notice small dots. Typically, you will begin to see an improvement within a few days.

Fresh Appearance

You will notice the area is tighter. The pen treatment should reduce much of the puffiness. The fresh appearance can make your eyes brighter and more youthful. For more details on how a plasma pen for under-eye bags can help you, contact Adam J Cohen, MD, and MedSpa.

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