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by | Dec 6, 2018 | Health

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Happiness is something that we all want but don’t necessarily have. Even after attaining the “things” you think are supposed to equate to happiness (such as a house, car, children, boat, lavish vacations, etc), you may still feel unfulfilled. You start looking for other things to fulfill yourself. One way to find happiness is to look to the seven key factors to assess and build your happiness.

Seven Key Factors to Happiness

The four base factors to happiness are known as the fitnesses.

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Spiritual

Continuing to build on the base of the fitnesses are:

  • Love
  • Adventure

At the top of all of the factors is significance.

Significance in Practice

The happiness blog will show you examples of happiness in practice. It has been said that happiness trumps health and wellness. The late Blues Icon B.B. King once said, “The blues are three L’s – living, loving and hopefully, laughing.” While Mr. King’s health was plagued with complications due to Type 2 diabetes (which required he prick his finger to take blood glucose readings), he didn’t let it take away the joy he experienced by playing his guitar “Lucille” or by helping newcomers to the Blues genre. Learning to live a life of significance will help increase your happiness. In turn, this increases the happiness of others.

If you’re looking to find uplifting, motivating stories from a happiness blog, visit the website today!

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