Coping With Food Allergies In Evansville, IN

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Allergies

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There are those who wish they could eat peanuts but cannot. That is because peanuts are one of the main items that cause food allergies. Experts say the immune system reacts to proteins in certain foods. As a result, an allergic reaction occurs. Some of the other top food triggers include fish, wheat, cow’s milk and soy. Typical reaction symptoms include itchy skin, a stuffy nose, and watering eyes. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. Symptoms include wheezing, tingling in the extremities and throat tightening.

If Food Allergies in Evansville IN are suspected, consult with an allergist. Often, food intolerance is confused with an allergy. A proper diagnosis is the only way to be certain. The allergist performs skin and blood tests to confirm if an allergy exists. If one has an allergy, the only thing to do is manage the condition. Basically, this starts by avoiding triggers and learning to read labels. Many foods are hidden in other foods. Therefore, one has to read labels on cans and packages. Individuals will have to ask what is in the food when eating out. Likewise, cross-contamination can occur. For instance, a label may indicate that food may have been prepared with peanut oil. This is helpful to someone with a nut allergy. It may be a good idea to cook your own food. At least, you will know what is in it.

Sometimes, Food Allergies in Evansville IN can be triggered by a drink. Allergy sufferers need to be careful at the bar. Many mixed drinks contain milk and other common allergens. Likewise, beer generally contains wheat. Unfortunately, liquor and beer manufacturers are not required to list ingredients. This is amazing because the industry uses rye, barley, and wheat. This can be critical information for people with celiac disease. These people cannot eat gluten, commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye. Additionally, the sulfites in wine can be a problem. Sulfites are used as preservatives or to boost flavor. Along with reading labels, allergy sufferers should carry an epi-pen with them. Get more information about food allergies by talking to an allergist.

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