Addiction Treatment Centers in New Castle DE Help Patients Battling Fentanyl Addiction

by | May 13, 2019 | Addiction Treatment

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As people who are addicted to opioids hear about the deaths of famous men and women who have overdosed on these drugs, the opioid crisis may seem more real than ever before. Someone who has been taking fentanyl, for instance, may finally become scared enough to seek help from one of the Addiction Treatment Centers in New Castle DE.

Accidental Overdoses

The accidental overdoses of musicians Prince and Tom Petty, for instance, have made it clear that fentanyl can be lethal. Both were using fentanyl to manage severe pain after hip injuries. Prince, however, apparently didn’t even know he was using this particular drug. The musician thought he was taking Vicodin. Nobody seems to know where he was buying the drugs.

A Powerful and Dangerous Drug

This synthetic opioid is similar to morphine but substantially more powerful. Doctors prescribe a short course of this medication for some patients to take after surgery, since it is so effective at relieving pain. Patients dealing with severe chronic pain also may be prescribed fentanyl if they have become tolerant to other pain medication. Although the substance is a prescription drug, people can buy it on the street.

Some men and women begin taking fentanyl for pain relief, while others simply enjoy the high they get from the drug. They may become addicted after taking it for a painful condition and then continuing to do so after they no longer need it for that reason.

Withdrawing From Fentanyl

Withdrawal usually is not dangerous, but the symptoms can be very unpleasant. Withdrawing from this type of drug with medical supervision through one of the Addiction Treatment Centers in New Castle DE is advisable. Depending on the level of the problem, the patient may be referred to a hospital for the first few days.

Addiction to fentanyl tends to happen fairly quickly when people start using more of it than prescribed. Winning the battle against active addiction to fentanyl can be a daunting challenge, but it can be done with the assistance of a treatment center such as Pace Inc.

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