5 Signs Your Opioid Use is Out of Control

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Addiction Treatment

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Individuals who suffer from opioid addiction often exhibit the following traits. If you think your use of painkillers is starting to get out of hand, here are definite warning signs that tell you it’s time to seek out opioid addiction treatment:

Compulsive need

If you feel like you simply can’t get through the day without taking any opioid or pain killers, if the only thought in your head is to get the next fix and the one after that, then that’s a sign of opioid addiction.

Loss of control

If you already find yourself going beyond the recommended dosage and amount prescribed by your doctor, that’s another indication that your substance abuse has now progressed into addiction.

Increasing tolerance

Use of opioids impacts your brain and central nervous system while long-term use results in increasing levels of tolerance. That’s why you find yourself taking more and more of the drug, to get the same high.

Continued use

You know abuse of pain killers is going to lead to health problems and complications for you. If you keep taking the medication or drugs, even knowing its effects, then that might be the addiction at work, says the Addiction Blog.

Inability to stop

Drug abuse doesn’t just lead to health problems. It can also tear families and relationships apart. If you know taking the drug is going to hurt your family or devastate your loved ones but you feel compelled to do it and you simply can’t stop, then that level of compulsion is another sign of opioid addiction.

Getting help

Finding an opioid addiction treatment is an essential step towards recovery. Seek out professional treatment to get started. You can ask for help from a team of experts who can provide you with a list of suggestions and solutions that suit your needs.

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