4 Reasons You Should Get an MRI Exam

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Health

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There are plenty of reasons to get an MRI. Read on to know which one applies in your case.

You’ve got symptoms

If you keep experiencing symptoms, your doctor will suggest an imaging test to help determine the cause of the problems. This is the most common use of the machine: as a diagnostic tool. It can check for injuries and problems, the Harvard Health Publishing says. If your doctor can’t tell what’s wrong or wants to be certain before making a diagnosis, then s/he’ll recommend that you get an imaging exam.

You’re undergoing treatment

If you are currently undergoing treatment, then your doctor will often tell you to go to an MRI center and make an appointment for imaging exams. The tests are a way to monitor and track the progress of your treatments. The results of your MRI test will tell your doctor whether the treatment is having any positive effect. Will s/he need to increase the dose of your drugs? Will s/he need to reduce the dosage or try out something else entirely? Ask your doctor so you’ll know how the test results will affect you.

You’re monitoring your health

Undergoing imaging tests at a reputable MRI center helps your doctor keep track of your health. If you’re still in recovery, getting imaging exams can help your doctor check if you’re healing right or if you’re still a long way from a full and successful recovery.

You’ve got a history of cancer

If you have a family history of cancer or other conditions that may be related to your gene pool, then you have a lot to gain by getting an MRI exam. The exam can help your doctor check for early signs or indications of cancer or some other equally serious condition. The sooner you know, the sooner you can receive treatment.

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