Why a Mobile Pet Scanner Is the Best Choice for Your Clinic in IL

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Medical And Health

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If you have been pondering whether you should purchase a cardiac PET scanner or not, you might want to think long and hard before sinking all of your money into a model that will be a permanent fixture. Instead, it might make more sense if your clinic looks into a mobile PET scanner instead. There are many reasons why this is so.

No Additional Space Needed

Since the scanner is mobile, it simply sits out in the parking lot of your clinic. There are no expensive buildouts required, and the physical structure of your clinic will remain unchanged. This is a much more cost-efficient option than a traditional PET scanner.

No Large Upfront Investment

Since you are essentially just renting the mobile scanner for a predetermined number of days, there is no large amount of capital required to purchase one. Whether you only need it for a day or if you rent it for a week or even longer, the price you pay will be the only cost that you owe.

Reduce the Cost of Operating While Adding Technology

Adding new technology can be very expensive. However, when you rent a mobile pet scanner, you can add the latest technology while reducing the overall cost of operation because you are not actually buying anything.

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