What Laser Eye Surgery in Jacksonville FL Can Do for Your Vision

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Medical And Health

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If you live in or near Jacksonville, FL, and you have been considering Lasik surgery for some time now, you should just go for it. There are some high-quality eye specialists and Lasik surgeons in Jacksonville that have the latest lasers for this procedure. If you are timid about a laser touching your eye, here are few things to help ease your anxiety and talk to a Lasik surgeon in Jacksonville about this procedure.

Valium or Some Other Light Sedative Keeps You Calm

Obviously, your eyes would be numbed for the procedure, but the rest of you will be quite calm as well. Most surgeons have you take a couple of tablets of valium or another “twilight sedation” medication that makes you very calm without putting you to sleep completely. It is how most people are able to get through the procedure with no anxiety and they don’t really feel any fear either.

Your Eyes Are Completely Numb

You do not feel anything but slight pressure during the entire procedure. The numbing drops the surgeon uses are so effective that any tap or poke to your eye isn’t felt. The surgeon does stabilize your eye with a sort of suction cup device, and you feel that pressure a little, but that’s it. Discomfort in your eyes typically comes a few hours later, but it lets up after the first few days. More drops for keeping the eyes clean and moist are sent home with you. When you are ready to book an appointment, contact Maida Custom Vision via https://www.maidalaser.com/.

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