What Is Cubital Tunnel?

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Plastic surgeon

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For many people, cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition that creates limited mobility and constant concern. The condition is one that involves the funny bone, or the ulnar nerve that is present in the elbow area of the arm. If you have been told you have this condition or that you may develop it, it helps to work with a local plastic surgeon who may be able to alter and improve the condition to reduce pain and to improve your overall mobility. For many people, specialized treatment can help to provide a treatment for this condition.

What Happens in This Syndrome?

Those who have cubital tunnel syndrome have a condition in which they have a numb feeling or tingling in their small fingers and the ring finger specifically. In some cases, it can also cause pain and limited movement in the forearm area. For some men and women, it can also create hand weakness, which is often the time when it is important to turn to a doctor for treatment of the condition. The nerve itself moves through a groove that is located on the elbow, along the inner side of it.

Why Does This Occur?

There are many reasons that this type of condition can develop. Most of the time, it is brought on by pressure in the area, especially direct pressure on the area when leaning or resting on it. It can also occur as a result of overstretching it or overuse of it.

If you believe you have cubital tunnel, it is important to turn to a plastic surgeon for help. The good news is there are treatment options that can provide you with the relief you need so you can get back to doing the things like you like to do without limitations.

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