What Can You Expect From Your Appointment at the Hearing Aid Center in Norwich, CT?

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Health Care

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Preparing for a hearing appointment is important. Knowing what to expect in the process of going through testing and choosing a hearing aid can help a person to feel more at ease with the process. This information can help a person be ready for their appointment at the hearing aid center in Norwich CT, so they will be prepared to take charge of their hearing loss and find a solution.

No one wants to face hearing loss, but it can occur at any age. When a person’s family doctor has found evidence they are suffering from hearing loss, they may send them to an audiologist for a hearing test. These professionals are responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of hearing disorders and balance issues. Some audiologists also work in helping a patient decide on the proper hearing aid to help them be able to restore their hearing.

When one first arrives for their appointment, they will be asked to fill out a case history including their past and present health. They will likely be asked to answer questions regarding hearing loss so the audiologist will know some background information on the patient. There are three main tests used to measure the degree of hearing loss a person is suffering from.

  • Otoscopy is a physical examination of the ear to make sure all of the inner structures are sound and formed correctly. Infections and earwax blockages can cause hearing loss, so it is important these problems are ruled out first.
  • Tympanometry tests the function of the middle ear to ensure the ear drum responds to pressure as it should. If the ear drum is not responding, there could be a problem with infection or fluid.
  • Audiometry tests for air and bone conduction. This testing is done in a quiet, sound-proof room, and a patient is asked to raise their hand in response to sounds.

If a patient is found to have hearing loss, a hearing aid can help restore their hearing or at least improve it. If you are dealing with hearing loss, you need to schedule an appointment with the hearing aid center in Norwich CT. County Hearing & Balance can diagnose and treat your condition.

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