Types of Children’s Doctor in Wichita, Kansas

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Health

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When it comes to doctors, everyone wants to feel comfortable with theirs. Choosing the right children’s doctor in Wichita, Kansas is a significant decision because your child’s health care needs a little more attention than adults. Parents want the comfort of knowing that their child is in good hands with their preferred doctor and healthcare facility. One of the main questions that parents are asking is if their child sees a pediatrician or a family doctor. There are many benefits to both types of doctors; it comes down to what is important to you in a doctor.


Pediatricians are doctors who focus on child care and have at least three years of pediatric residency after medical school. Pediatricians are also qualified to understand child development, and they watch out for symptoms and signs of developmental disorders that affect younger children. They have more experience with children, and their attitude is specifically tailored to kids to help them with their fears and difficulty of being in a doctor’s office. The downside of choosing a pediatrician is that the child will ultimately mature out of their office because pediatricians only see children up until the age of 18.

Family Doctors

A family doctor is knowledgeable in many medical subjects. This enables them to care for patients from infancy to seniors. The benefit of the family doctor is that this can be a one-stop shop because you would only need one visit to have your entire family treated. The best thing about this is that the doctor will have complete knowledge of the family’s medical history and so he will be able to treat and prevent hereditary diseases efficiently. When your child is cared for by a family doctor, they will not age out and have to find a new doctor when they become an adult. One of the downsides of choosing a family doctor although they have three years of residency just to like a pediatrician, only a small percentage of that residency is spent in pediatrics.

There is no wrong way to go when choosing between a pediatrician and a family doctor. Knowing the benefits of these children’s doctor in Wichita Kansas should take some stress away from finding a doctor for your child. If you’re looking for a children’s doctor, please reach out to Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC and schedule an appointment.

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