Two of the Most Common Reasons to Need Speech Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Health

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Because all communication disorders carry the potential to isolate children and adults from their social and educational surroundings, it is crucial to provide speech therapy and support as soon as a problem is identified. Voice disorders may sometimes be divided into one of two categories, and those categories are organic and functional disorders.

Organic disorders are due to physical diseases such as cancer and tumors that affect the way the vocal folds work. Functional disorders are due to the abuse and misuse of a voice. Frequently, the true cause of the disorder is unknown and often calls for the support of speech therapy classes from a professional. Many speech language patterns, known as “baby talk,” occur when a child is growing and are normal and ease away with time, but some are not outgrown as expected.

Phonation Disorders

To phonate means to produce sound, and this type of disorder occurs when there is some change in the vocal folds that can cause the voice to suddenly sound breathy, harsh, or hoarse. Speech therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah can help to reduce the symptoms and find the cause. Other causes of this type of disorder might be injury, cancer of the larynx, paralysis, and other conditions that physically affect the throat. Contact a professional such as the Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to learn more about your speech therapy options.

Loudness and Pitch

Another condition people seek treatment for is uncontrollable loudness disorders. On the opposite side of the spectrum, vocal nodules and polyps may cause such soft speaking that it is difficult to hear the speaker at all. Pitch disorders may include examples such as speaking too high in males or too low in females, and this type of disorder is often more easily diagnosed in adults. Whatever type of speech disorder you have, the right professionals can help you control your symptoms.

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