Top Three Important Things to Tell Your Internal Medicine Doctor

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Health

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More than any other kind of condition, anything involving internal medicine requires greater care from both doctors and patients. As we can’t see our insides, it makes symptoms and complications more difficult to diagnose and treat. This makes it more important to find a reliable clinic such as Michael P. Varveris, M.D., and tell your internal medicine doctor in Naples important medical information. Here are the most important ones to remember:

1. Honest Lifestyle Choices

Lifescript says that it is all too easy to lie to a doctor when they ask you about your diet, exercise, or other parts of your lifestyle. It is important to be honest, even if it feels embarrassing, as your doctor needs your information to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe you the correct treatment. An inaccurate diagnosis can be ineffective and even dangerous to your health.

2. Diet

This is a key thing to tell your doctor as it is an essential part of keeping your internal organs running. This includes not only what you eat but how much liquid you consume, whether you take dietary supplements, and if you are on a restricted diet (e.g. vegetarianism, kosher, etc).

3. Other Medications or Conditions

This is another important consideration your internal medicine doctor in Naples will need to make. Medication, whether it is prescription or not, will affect your body and they need to ensure they don’t prescribe you with anything that will affect your other essential medications. Certain medical conditions or recent surgeries could also restrict what treatments or medication they can prescribe to you. Mental health conditions or medication should be mentioned as well, as they can sometimes cause physical symptoms such as headaches or fatigue.

Being honest with your doctor, answering all their questions accurately, and telling them about your diet and medical conditions will ensure an accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment.

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