Three Causes of Lower Back Pain and How to Treat Each of Them

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Pain Management Physician

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Lower back pain is a fairly common medical complaint, especially if you are over 40 or overweight. There are three main causes of lower back pain too. Here are those three causes and how to treat lower back pain by St. Louis, MO, pain management doctors.

Too Much Weight up Front

Extra spare tire of even 25 pounds can pull your back out of alignment while you struggle to stand and sit straight. That extra weight causes stress and strain on your lower back. While your doctor can treat the pain, getting rid of the extra weight through proper diet and exercise will result in less pain long term.

Weakened Muscles

As the body ages, muscle tissue is lost. Strengthening the muscle tissue you have prevents pain from occurring. In the case of lower back pain, in St. Louis, MO, doctors suggest a regimen of strength training exercises and stretches for your abdominal muscles as well as your back muscles. Your doctor can help manage the pain until your muscles are much stronger and the pain is significantly less, but you will have to keep up the exercise and stretch regimens if you don’t want the pain to return.

Nerve Problems

Nerve problems can develop over time. This is typically not something you can fully prevent or control. If your doctor determines that the nerves in your lower back are the source of your pain, injections of pain management medications are a good solution.

Consult a back pain specialist at Katalyst via  for the cause of your back pain and its solution.

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