The Many Benefits of an Occupational Health Facility in Cincinnati, OH

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Health

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Within the commercial and industrial sectors, many large companies expect their employees to personally seek proper medical treatment when they become sick or injured. Rather than employ a full-time nurse or doctor, they might only staff one individual trained to administer basic medical care. Because of this policy, many businesses are taking advantage of the medical services available through Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. This program not only offers an alternative to the emergency room or family doctor, it also provides testing and preventative measures that can help keep employees healthy and in good standing with their employer.

Medical facilities like Eastside Urgent Care understand a business needs somewhere for its employees to be seen without having to endure long waits or expensive charges. That is why they have set up an occupational health service that will not only treat employees in a timely and affordable manner, but also provide the mandated testing services a company needs to ensure its employees are being medically honest. This includes drug screenings, physical exams, vision testing, cholesterol assessment, and health management programs for those undergoing workman’s compensation or long-term medical care.

The facility also has an on-site laboratory that can perform many of these tests immediately, foregoing the process of outsourcing samples to other laboratories. Blood, urine, BAT drug analysis, and tuberculosis testing is readily available and can help speed up the processing of any medical disputes or employment processing requiring these types of screenings. Of course, employees can always head to the facility for common ailments rather than schedule an appointment with their family doctor.

Outside of the association with Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH, a resource like Eastside Urgent Care can offer the average citizen many helpful alternatives. Unlike an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency room, this affordable facility will connect patients with a doctor quickly while still being able to handle many of the same medical situations. Bone fractures, lacerations that require stitches or stapling, heart attacks, dislocations, and head injuries are just some of the more complicated health problems the clinic can treat. The average family doctor typically sends patients with these problems to the ER. Rather than painfully sit in a waiting room and worry about the overall medical charges, patients can walk into a facility like this at any time to receive fast and thorough treatment while only paying their customary co-pay.

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