The Importance of Scrub Tech Safety During Surgery

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Surgical Needles

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In the fast-paced environment of surgical procedures, ensuring the safety and well-being of all healthcare professionals is paramount. Scrub technicians play a vital role in the operating room, assisting surgeons and ensuring the smooth flow of surgical workflows. Sharp Fluidics, a leading medical technology company, recognizes the significance of scrub tech safety and has developed innovative solutions to enhance safety and efficiency during surgical procedures. Let’s explore the importance of scrub tech safety and how Sharp Fluidics contributes to a safer and more streamlined surgical environment.

The Role of Scrub Technicians in Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures rely on the expertise and coordination of a multidisciplinary team, with scrub technicians being an integral part of the surgical team. They are responsible for handling surgical instruments, preparing the sterile field, and assisting surgeons during procedures. Scrub tech safety is crucial to ensure optimal patient care and prevent potential hazards in the operating room.

Enhancing Safety with NeoClose Robotic and Laparoscopic Closure System

NeoClose: Advancing Port Site Fascial Closure

Sharp Fluidics’ NeoClose system revolutionizes port site fascial closure by delivering absorbable anchors pre-attached to sutures through transparent guides. This innovative technology eliminates the need to search for sutures and ensures secure fascial closure without nerve entrapment. By reducing the reliance on traditional looped sutures, NeoClose® offers faster closure times, reduced patient port site pain, and a safer alternative for scrub technicians.

NeoClose AnchorGuard: Safer Port Site Closure

NeoClose AnchorGuard provides shielded port site closure, even without insufflation. This closure technique prevents escaping insufflation gas, reducing the risk of aerosolized virus potential. The unique design of NeoClose AnchorGuard allows clinicians to safely deliver anchors through the fascia with significantly less tension on the tissue, promoting a safer environment for scrub technicians.

Operative Armour Suture Needle Management System: Empowering Scrub Technicians

The Needle Trap: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Operative Armour Needle Trap offers a standardized means of self-securing each suture needle at the point of use in the surgical field. This minimizes the risk of needlestick hazard which is associated with the subsequent handling of exposed needles. The Needle Trap’s versatility enables it to be mounted directly to the drape, a wrist strap, or an ergonomic forearm barrier, providing flexibility and ease of use for scrub technicians.

The Barrier Kit: Streamlining Surgical Closure

Operative Armour Barrier Kit reduces surgical closure time by empowering clinicians to self-dispense suture needles. By utilizing the Barrier Kit, scrub technicians can maintain their focus on the surgical field, eliminating required additional assistance and reducing the time required for surgical closure. This efficient solution enhances safety by minimizing distractions and interruptions during the procedure.

The Mini-Mount: Handheld Convenience

The Mini-Mount Kit offers a handheld solution for dispensing and securing sutures. With its magnetic fastener, the Mini-Mount can be conveniently attached to the drape, ensuring easy access for scrub technicians. This portable solution further enhances the efficiency and safety of surgical procedures.

Sharp Fluidics understands scrub technicians’ vital role in ensuring surgical procedures’ safety and efficiency. By developing innovative products like the NeoClose® system and Operative Armour® suture needle management system, Sharp Fluidics enhances scrub tech safety and contributes to a more streamlined operating room environment. These advanced solutions provide secure port site closure, reduce tension on tissues, eliminate needlestick hazards, and empower scrub technicians to perform their tasks with greater efficiency. With their commitment to improving surgical workflows, Sharp Fluidics continues to drive advancements that prioritize patient safety and optimize surgical outcomes. Contact them today to know more.

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