The Causes, Symptoms, and Risks of Eye Floaters in Murrieta, CA

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Optometrist

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Eye floaters in Murrieta, CA are common in the vision of most people. Seeing a small shape or string floating just at the edge of vision is something most can relate to. Some eye floaters are dangerous and symptoms of a serious medical condition. Most eye floaters appear suddenly and disappear after a few minutes. If an eye floater does not disappear it is time to visit a medical professional.

What Causes Eye Floaters?

Most floaters are harmless and are caused by the gel-like fluid covering human eyes. The gel-like fluid is called vitreous and can stick together causing shadows to flash across the retina. Floaters caused by vitreous are usually harmless. However, some serious medical conditions causing floaters are dangerous. The dangerous medical conditions causing eye floaters include bleeding in the eye, infections, and a retinal tear.

Are Some People More Likely to See Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are commonly seen by people throughout their lives. A few risk factors put some at higher risk of being affected by persistent floaters. Among those who are at risk of seeing regular eye floaters are those with extreme near-sightedness. People with diabetes and those who have completed cataract surgery are likely to be affected by regular eye floaters.

Eye Floater Treatments

Most eye floaters naturally disappear as the gel-like fluid around the eye returns to normal. If floaters are caused by another medical condition, this condition must be treated to stop floaters.

Despite being a regular occurrence for some, eye floaters in Murrieta, CA can be a symptom of a major medical condition. Contact Temecula Eye Center Optometry at to discuss eye floater causes and treatments. You can also checkout them on Facebook for latest updates.

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