The Biggest Benefits Of Lip Fillers In St Johns FL

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Healthcare

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Lip fillers in St Johns FL are used by doctors to enhance a patient’s lips. Some are born with naturally thin lips, while others undergo age-related thinning. Regardless of the reason, lip fillers are a very effective way to add structure, shape and volume to lips. Below are several benefits of using a filler to achieve perky, full lips.

Enhanced Appearance

The biggest benefit for most patients receiving this treatment is an improved appearance. Full lips can make a patient feel and look younger, and a better physical appearance can boost their self-confidence in social and professional situations. Patients should discuss their expectations with the doctor, so they’re set at a realistic level.

Natural-Looking Fullness

Lip fillers like Juvederm offer a natural appearance because they are composed of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally made in the body. Because it is completely natural, hyaluronic acid isn’t as likely to cause significant bruising. Fillers are naturally absorbed, and must be replenished roughly every six months to maintain the plumper look.

Gradual Improvement

Natural lip fillers in St Johns FL can be offered over an extended period to produce optimal results. This option is especially appealing to those who were born with naturally thin lips, and who are apprehensive about the process. Over the treatment course, the patient can achieve the desired result without discomfort normally associated with modifying an implant.

Very Few Side Effects

Side effects and allergic reactions are very rare where natural lip fillers are concerned. It is important for patients to discuss their allergies and medications during the preliminary consultation, to ensure the doctor chooses the right filler.

Fast Recovery

Most patients who get lip fillers can resume their normal activities a day after a procedure. When considering the effects of lip fillers on a person’s appearance and self-esteem, there are many reasons to choose it over other cosmetic surgery choices.

Lip augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure. Although many surgeons offer the service, it is important for potential patients to discuss the risks and benefits with their doctor. When done professionally at Modern Aesthetic Centers, lip fillers can have a positive effect on a person’s confidence and appearance. Contact them today.

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