The Best Beauty Salon in Karama

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Beauty Care

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A fully functioning beauty salon in Karama is an establishment that offers a number of facial and body treatments. This includes massages, nail treatment and holistic therapies in a tranquil environment that guarantees unwinding and a break from the busy activities of normal life.


This refers to a service offered by most Beauty Salons Karama to help maintain your facial appearance in top shape. It usually involves deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massages, facial masks, toning and moisturizing. On special occasions though, a full makeup can be done for you if you order it at an extra additional fee that is affordable. As they safe, there is no expensive price for beauty.

Nail Art and Treatment

There are several treatments involved in nail art. First, there is the luxury manicure with varnish application. These involve hand masks and heated mitts being used to achieve the desired effect on customers’ nails. Secondly, there is the petite manicure. This refers to nail filing, cuticle tidying, massaging and polishing. This is a little less expensive as compared to the previous treatment. Then there is the luxury pedicure and finally the petite pedicure. All these treatment are available at Being Me Salon. All you have to do is look.

Eye Enhancement

Most women believe that beauty lies in your eyes. The first impression you give when you look at someone for the first time really matters and sends a message. For this reason, many would do anything to have that perfect eye-catching look. This is achieved through different methods of enhancing the eyes in any Karama beauty salon. Some of the adjustments done to the eyes include eyelash and eyebrow tints and eyebrow reshaping. For such delicate beauty treatments, it is crucial that you look for a trained beautician lest you interfere with your eyesight.


This refers to the body hair removal. It can either be bikini, underarm, leg, hands, eyebrow and other types of waxing.

Full Body Therapies

These beauty salon treatments in Karama are holistic. They include full body massages. Visit for more information.

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