Signs Your Loved One May Need Substance Abuse Treatment in Minnesota

by | May 13, 2021 | Health

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The first step in helping a loved one get substance abuse treatment in Minnesota is getting them to admit that they do suffer from addiction. Before that conversation can take place, you will need to determine if there is an addiction problem. Watching for the following signs can help you make that determination.

Watch For Frequent or Secretive Use

It can be difficult to observe an individual’s changes in substance use patterns in some situations, so we can give them substance abuse treatment in Minnesota. Where alcohol is concerned, the individual may make excuses to avoid familial or social functions so they can spend that time drinking. However, someone who has become addicted to prescription pain killers may have better opportunities to hide their usage. In that situation, the addiction typically goes unnoticed until they’re forced to obtain similar drugs from street dealers.

Changes in Appearance

People suffering from alcohol or drug addiction will eventually exhibit changes in personal appearance. They may stop bathing regularly, and they will likely wear the same clothes several days in a row. Other hygiene changes involve poor oral hygiene and poor hair care practices. If your loved one doesn’t seem to care about their appearance any longer, start watching for other signs of a problem.

Failure to Meet Responsibilities

You should also watch for changes in your loved one’s status at work or in school. They may be arriving late to work or class too frequently, or they may be missing days altogether. If they have lost a job or have been suspended from school as a result of tardiness or poor work quality, it may be time to talk to them about substance abuse treatment in Minnesota.

If you think your loved one needs addiction treatment, contact the counselors at Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc online.

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