Seeing A Podiatrist in Jacksonville FL For Bunion Surgery

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Podiatrist

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One of the most frequent questions concerning Bunion Surgery is how long it takes. To answer this, it depends on the technique to be used, meaning it can sometimes last less than 45 minutes, and in very complicated cases it can last more than two hours.

Will the Podiatrist anesthetize the foot?

The surgery can be done under local anesthesia, spinal or general anesthesia. In cases of percutaneous surgery, it is usually done under local anesthesia. In more complex surgeries, spinal or general anesthesia may be necessary.

The surgery is ambulatory 90% of the time so that you can go to the clinic, have the procedure and leave the same day.

Is there much pain after surgery?

No, this is one of the most common myths about Bunion Surgery. The Podiatrist in Jacksonville FL places an anesthetic block called a bupivacaine which inhibits the transmission of pain for 24 hours or more so that the patient does not feel the foot for that period after surgery.

Once the foot is “awake”, the pain is mild because he or she has passed the critical period of inflammation. Besides that, the brain has not undergone the onset of pain in the first place. In this manner, doctors can provide painkillers and oral anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain.

When should a patient return to the clinic after the operation?

You should return once a week every week for 1 month, then every fortnight for 1 additional month after the surgery.

It is important to change the bandage as indicated by the Podiatrist for the first few weeks.

Is it true that patients will be in bed the whole time after bunion surgery?

No, in fact, it is important to walk with special shoes after surgery. What is not recommended is to remain standing in one place for a long amount of time, or during activities such as washing dishes or ironing.

How long will people have to use those special shoes?

Four or five weeks, then he or she will use a closed shoe, but it fits a little big because the foot will be swollen. You can ask the doctor to use an interdigital spacer too. For more information, visit First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic today.

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