Reasons to Choose a Center for Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH Instead of a Walk-In Clinic or the ER

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Health

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When people develop a pressing medical problem and need Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH, they generally have three choices. They can go to a hospital emergency room, a walk-in clinic, or an urgent care clinic. The urgent care center may require calling first and scheduling an appointment, but the appointment is set up within an hour or two. Others accept patients without any appointment.

Problems With ERs and Walk-In Clinics

When going to an emergency room with a medical issue that is not life-threatening, the patient may have to wait a long time to see a doctor or other health care professional. Walk-in clinics have similar problems. They see patients by order of arrival as much as possible, but they interrupt that pattern if a patient needs quick attention. They also are useful for patients who don’t have a primary care physician.

Walk-in clinics may not be open outside of regular business hours. Their main advantage is not having to schedule an appointment, but there still may be a long wait time after arriving. In contrast, centers like Eastside Urgent Care are open on weekday evenings as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. Without this type of clinic, many people would have to go to the emergency room if they need prompt medical help for a condition that is not life-threatening.

Relevant Research

Research has found that more than 70 percent of visits to the emergency room could have been handled at a different medical practice. What conditions are commonly treated at a center for Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH? Doctors and other medical professionals treat problems that require prompt attention but are not at the level of a heart attack, stroke or gunshot wound.

Conditions Commonly Treated at Urgent Care

A mild asthma attack is an example. A cut that requires stitches is another, as is a bad scrape from falling from a bicycle. Earaches, sinus pain and sore throats are often diagnosed and treated at these clinics. Red, irritated eyes also can be treated there. The eye condition known as pinkeye is very common, and can result from a variety of causes. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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