MRI Services in Delray Beach, FL: Diagnosis and Staging of Kidney Cancer

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Imaging Centers

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Early detection and diagnosis are key in preventing kidney cancer from becoming lethal. If your doctor suspects that you have kidney cancer, you’ll likely receive a battery of diagnostic tests, including diagnostic imaging performed by MRI services in Delray Beach, FL. Here’s what you need to know about MRIs and diagnostic imaging related to kidney cancer.

A Powerful Diagnostic Tool

Diagnostic imaging tests show what your kidneys look like, as well as the location of abnormal growth of cancer cells within them. Imaging tests can not only diagnose kidney cancer, but show what stage the cancer has progressed to, making them a necessity before diagnosis, treatment, and surgery can occur. Different stages of cancer are treated with various medicines and procedures, so it’s essential to know which stage to receive the best care.

Types of Imaging

There are three main diagnostic tools used for detecting and determining the stage of kidney cancer.

  • CT Scans: You’ll receive specialized contrast intravenously before a CT scan. CT scans are ideal because they allow doctors to see if the cancer has spread to surrounding tissue. The dye infiltrates the tissue, which makes it easier to view.
  • MRIs: During MRI services in Delray Beach, FL, doctors will receive a clearer picture of your blood vessels than a CT scan. MRIs work via magnetic resonance, so there’s no need for dye (which some people are allergic to).
  • Ultrasound: Using high-frequency sound waves, an ultrasound is useful for detecting tumors in the kidney. Just like during pregnancy, they use gel and a wand.

C & L Imaging offers MRI services in Delray Beach, FL, and other diagnostic tools, which are incredible resources for diagnosing and determining the stage of kidney cancer, providing opportunities for early detection and treatment.

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