Microneedling In Naperville: How It Works And Some Key Benefits

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Plastic Surgery

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When you consider options to reduce signs of aging, you may think of surgical procedures. However, you have several non-surgical, less invasive options, such as microneedling in Naperville. Learn more about this treatment works and the benefits.

How Microneedling Works

As skin ages, collagen production tends to decrease resulting in wrinkles and fines lines. Collagen is the substance that gives skin its ability to remain supple and firm and to heal from scarring. Microneedling can reduce the appearance of these signs of aging and also acne, age spots, stretch marks, uneven skin pigmentation, rosacea, and scarring.

Microneedling works by using a rolling device that has very fine needles attached to it. The technician rolls the device over the skin to create tiny punctures to encourage collagen growth. The punctures are usually too small to notice. The puncture depth can be adjusted according to the skin thickness of the treatment area.

You should be given a topical anesthetic at least one hour before the treatment to reduce pain and a sunscreen serum after treatment. A standard session takes 40 minutes and a full-face treatment commonly takes one hour.


Microneedling in Naperville involves no surgery or hospitalization, so you recover much faster. Studies have revealed that microneedling is a safe procedure for most skin types.

You should be able to return to school or work the next day. If your skin appears reddish, you may be able to conceal it with makeup, but ask your doctor about safe products to use. The treatment helps the skin absorb skincare products better and makes makeup easier to apply.

While microneedling in Naperville can improve appearance, not everyone makes a good candidate. Visit the Center for Cosmetic Laser Surgery to learn more about microneedling or schedule a consultation today.

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